TransCelerate Identifies Pharmacovigilance as an Operational Challenge in Need of Transformation

Mar 30, 2017

TransCelerate has added Pharmacovigilance to its portfolio, establishing two new global initiatives: 1.) Interpretation of Pharmacovigilance Regulations and 2.) Value of Safety Information Data Sources. Both initiatives aim to create solutions that will reduce resource inefficiencies, enhance information exchange with global health authorities and improve patient safety to drive more value for patients.

TransCelerate Seeks to Improve Clinical Trial Quality

Oct 12, 2016

Read this interview with TransCelerate’s QMS leader, Deb Driscoll discussing how the initiative aims to bring together industry stakeholders to explore ways to improve quality in clinical trials, and this initiative’s progress.

TransCelerate BioPharma Introduces New Solutions

Aug 09, 2016

TransCelerate BioPharma introduced two new solutions through its Site Qualification and Training Initiative, both supporting the mission of simplifying and accelerating the R&D of new therapies.