2020 Aug 11

Clinical Study Report Considerations that Have Been Interrupted by COVID-19

August 11, 10:00 AM - August 11, 11:00 AM

TransCelerate’s Clinical Content and Reuse team has a new asset available for download, Clinical Study Report (CSR) Considerations for Studies Disrupted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This document was created by experts including clinical scientists, pharmacovigilance experts, data scientists, and others to identify important topics for clinical researchers and research sponsors to consider as they adapt their studies and clinical study reports in the face of disruptions caused by COVID-19.

We invite industry experts, and those who are interested in the subject, to join our webinar. We will describe the process the team went through to create the asset and the considerations the team identified.

Please view and download the asset here at this LINK

The attendees will come away with: 

  • An understanding of how COVID-19 may disrupt clinical studies
  • An understanding of how CSRs may be adapted due to disruption by COVID-19

This webinar is intended for: 

  • Clinical Research Scientists
  • Research Sponsors

Webinar Recordings:

TransCelerate educational webinars may be recorded in whole or in part.