TransCelerate’s Patient Experience Initiative tools are intended to provide more effective ways to engage with patients in the design and execution of clinical studies.

The Patient Protocol Engagement Toolkit (P-PET) facilitates the design of clinical studies with patient inputs.

The Study Participant Feedback Questionnaire (SPFQ) Toolkit is a set of questionnaires administered at the beginning, during and end of the study to improve studies by learning from patients.


Benefits for Patients:

  • Increased engagement through better communication and feedback processes
  • Increased understanding of the value in participating in clinical trials
  • Potential increase in the sense of altruism due to the confidence of knowing that their participation and feedback in trials may improve future study volunteers’ experiences
  • Potential decrease in the burden of participating in clinical trials

Benefits for Sponsors, Sites and Investigators:

  • Potential improvement in patient recruitment, retention, and adherence within clinical trials
  • Potential reduction in long term costs through more effective patient engagement


Available Assets

The following assets are now available:

Patient Protocol Engagement Toolkit (P-PET): The P-PET provides tools and resources to use in engaging patient advisors during protocol development with the goal to improve patient experience and reduce patient burden as a study participant. The P-PET can be utilized by sponsors to partner with patient advisors in creating patient-centric clinical studies.

Study Participant Feedback Questionnaire Toolkit (SPFQ)The SPFQ is a questionnaire for patients at the beginning, middle and end of a clinical study. The questionnaire results will help sponsors learn from patients so that they may improve trials.

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