This initiative thoroughly assessed potential solutions that would  lead to faster access to new drugs for pediatric patients. Rather than continue as a standalone initiative, we will transition the focal points of pediatric populations across the broader TransCelerate portfolio, where appropriate.


Sponsors and investigators have historically faced a range of challenges in providing patients with access to pediatric approved medicines in a manner which is both expeditious and minimizes pediatric patient burdens. Those challenges range from the planning and resourcing assumptions not reflecting the patient’s true availability, to  to effectively manage their resources to meet the changing demands of sponsor pipelines.


The Pediatric Trial Efficiencies initiative identified and explored solutions that, if implemented by TransCelerate Member Companies, may lead to faster access to new drugs for pediatric patients, reduced patient burdens, faster and more efficient site contracting, and reduced trial costs.


Similar Initiatives

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The Clinical Trial Diversification Initiative has achieved its goal of developing better practice materials for site and sponsors to improve engagement and recruitment of minority patient populations.


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