David Nicholson, Board of Directors, TransCelerate – Drug Research & Development

David Nicholson

EVP and Chief R&D Officer, Allergan

Dr. C. David Nicholson, B.S., Ph.D., has been a Executive Vice President and Chief R&D Officer of Allergan plc since March 17, 2015 and served as its Senior Vice President of Actavis Global Brands R&D since August 4, 2014.

David is a seasoned R&D leader who has transformed organizations into drug development powerhouses. He has developed an exceptional track record spanning more than 30 years in the industry, including expertise in the development of a diverse portfolio of products including treatments in women’s health, psychiatry, cardiovascular, anesthesiology and immunology. He also has significant expertise in the development of biological products. David’s experience working in the U.S., UK, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as leading a team of 2,400 colleagues in sites around the world also gives him a unique understanding of the global clinical and regulatory environment, which will be invaluable to TransCelerate’s work around the world.  
Prior to his position with Actavis, David most recently served as Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President R&D of Bayer Crop Sciences, and before that, as head of R&D at Organon before its acquisition by Schering-Plough. At Bayer Crop Sciences, David led a team of approximately 4,000 scientists globally in the development of next-generation agrochemicals and seeds. While at Organon, his teams developed an impressive array of specialty pharmaceutical products including Saphris and Remeron in CNS; NuvaRing, Implanon, Elonva and NOMAC/E2 in Women’s Health; Bridion and Zemuron in anesthesia; and Arixtra in cardiovascular. Dr. Nicholson’s teams also had a pioneering role in the discovery of MK-3475, an immuno-oncology PD1 inhibitor project that is now in phase 3 trials at Merck.