Denise Reyes

Director, Value & Implementation Portfolio

As a Portfolio Director at TransCelerate BioPharma Inc., Denise focuses on Global Implementation and Value of delivered TransCelerate solutions.  In this role, Denise works closely with Active Delivery Portfolio Director, Member Companies via the TransCelerate Country Network and Regulatory Council to ensure the solutions delivered are fit for purpose around the globe, meet regulations, and deliver on the expected value. Since Denise joined TransCelerate in 2016, she has been instrumental in the delivery of Site-facing solutions, including the Share Investigator Platform and the Investigator Registry. Denise has overall accountability of overseeing the lifecycle maintenance of TransCelerate mature solutions, including global implementation and value measurement.

Denise has 17 years of industry experience working across Academic Research Institutions and large Pharma. In the start of her career, she gained experience in running investigator-initiated trials, trials in special populations, and large global programs. Denise has held various leadership roles in Clinical Operations, with a primary focus on innovating & improving the process & technology used to deliver trials. Denise has successfully developed and delivered large, global, transformational projects in both areas of clinical business processes and technologies. Prior to joining TransCelerate, Denise was Business Strategy & Planning Director of Asia/Middle East/Africa region at AstraZeneca.