Janice Chang, Head of Delivery Excellence & Corporate Affairs, TransCelerate BioPharma, Inc

Janice Chang

Executive Vice President

Janice Chang is the Executive Vice President at TransCelerate BioPharma Inc. In her position, Janice works closely with the CEO and the Board of Directors to shape the long-term strategic vision and objectives for the organization. Janice also works closely with the CEO to define TransCelerate’s overall external engagement strategy and identify synergistic opportunities with other industry groups and regulatory bodies. Since 2013, she has played an instrumental role in the launch and delivery of the five initial initiatives, as well as shaping the newly launched initiatives in 2014. Janice has the overall accountability of overseeing TransCelerate’s corporate operations and the ongoing delivery of the Board-approved initiatives. 
Janice has 15 years of industry experience working across large pharma, biotechnology, and medical devices environments. She has extensive experience in delivering transformational programs to help pharmaceutical companies define business strategies, implement global, complex technology solutions, as well as process and organizational redesign and implementations. Janice also has a deep background in regulatory compliance, having worked closely with various Quality organizations across the industry. Prior to joining TransCelerate, Janice was part of Accenture Management Consulting’s Global Life Sciences R&D leadership team.