The resources below were developed by the Patient Technology Initiative as part of their mission to facilitate and accelerate the industry’s progression towards a future where patients have access to innovative technologies that enhance the patient experience and reduce patient burden in clinical trials.

We’ve created a survey for technology innovators (developers, vendors, providers) that will support the PT Initiative and help better enable and accelerate patient-facing technologies in clinical research. If you’re a technology innovator, share your feedback with us. 

Patient Technology Materials



In a recently published article, the PT Initiative  describes the potential for patient-facing digital technologies (also called “Patient Technology”)  to serve a variety of functions in clinical trials, such as capturing clinical endpoints, engaging patients, and facilitating remote study conduct. However, these technologies are not yet accepted as mainstream research tools, and the opportunities, challenges, and facilitators associated with their implementation in clinical trials have not been fully characterized. In order to understand the factors affecting PT adoption, the TransCelerate Patient Technology Initiative conducted a series of surveys, interviews, and focus groups with approximately 600 subject matter experts (SMEs), including pharmaceutical company representatives, clinical trial investigators at a number of trial sites worldwide, and clinical trial participants.

The Patient Technology Implementation Framework outlines a possible approach to patient-facing digital technology (PT) implementation. It is designed to help sponsors develop holistic approaches to PT planning and encourages a mindset of strategic thinking, rapid learning, and patient-centric design. The framework looks to aid development of more effective and robust PT implementation plans which can result in program cost and time savings. Looking for more information? See our FAQs.

This tool presents an overview of US and EU regulatory requirements related to patient technology and their use in clinical trials, as well as links to relevant regulations, guidance and intelligence addressing these topics. For additional background, see our FAQs.