TransCelerate creates pragmatic solutions, such as templates, guidance, model frameworks and systems, that addresses barriers and issues that are negatively impacting the ability of the biopharmaceutical industry to bring medicines to patients that need them. These solutions are developed collaboratively and can be voluntarily adopted by stakeholders in the clinical research ecosystem.

Evolution of a TransCelerate Initiative

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Active Portfolio


Our ideation team is continuously observing potential areas in research and development where TransCelerate could help drive efficiency and innovation in the industry. Areas of opportunity are identified through the Ideation Framework and Platform.
  • Patients and Sites: Our patient focused initiatives are centered around improving how patients experience their journey before, during and after a clinical trial, and seeks to better inform patients, their caregivers and healthcare providers by facilitating improved touchpoints with clinical research information. Part of our strategic priorities is providing clinical trial staff resources to reduce redundancy and unnecessary work for sites in managing clinical trials. Our site initiatives ensure stakeholders understand and embrace the site’s essential role in clinical research.
  • Information Sharing & Harmonization: While many of our active initiatives are focused on specific stakeholders involved in clinical trials, our Information Sharing & Harmonization Initiatives support the entire clinical study lifecycle by developing innovative solutions that enable and facilitate data sharing and harmonization through enhanced technology and aligned common processes, while protecting individuals’ privacy. This will help streamline communication and enhance information sharing across the industry.
  • Sponsors & Drug Safety: Sponsors have a responsibility to run safe and efficient clinical investigations, therefore our sponsor initiatives are focused on facilitating strategic planning and important engagement with many clinical research stakeholders. Specifically, for human subject research, sponsors are consistently working toward maintaining quality best practices, reducing inherent risks, ensuring accurate data management, integrity and transparency throughout the clinical trial process from study planning to study closure and beyond. In addition, our drug safety work creates solutions to reduce resource inefficiencies, enhance information exchange with global health authorities and improve patient safety to drive more value for patients.
This team’s efforts will help maximize value and drive efficiencies within the entire global clinical trial industry. Their focus is on maintaining and continuously improving mature TransCelerate solutions that are available for voluntary adoption. This requires a steady pulse on industry triggers such as global regulations to keep solutions up to date and always ready for implementation.

Identify unmet needs, define vision and gain approval from the TransCelerate Board of Directors
Outline the Initiative’s objective and answers that could solve the unmet need and collaborate with stakeholders within the clinical trial ecosystem to solutions that address agreed upon unmet needs. Work with clinical trial stakeholders to refine solutions based on experiences and stakeholder feedback.
Release solutions for implementation by both TransCelerate members and the broader biopharmaceutical industry, as appropriate.
Based on feedback and global regulatory guidance, improve solutions to increase value and impact within the industry.

*Voluntary for member companies.

Industry Solutions

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Overview: Initiatives Focused on Information Sharing & Harmonization

Ideation Challenge

As we continue to collectively advance our ongoing initiatives, we are also looking to leverage the rich diversity of experiences and perspectives across our member companies to identify areas to further explore. Find out more about the Ideation Challenge.

The Ideation Challenge